Teknovak introduction video.

Teknovak Industrial Furnace Systems Inc.

With a strong R&D background based on material sciences; we are a company that develops furnaces for the heat treatment processes upon the demand of critical industries and that produces turnkey systems with our innovative design capabilities for all kinds of furnaces.

We offer market-driven solutions to the needs of the sectors including aviation, defense, power, industrial, chemical and petrochemical, utility, etc.  with our unique facilities for design, analysis and manufacturing operations and with highly qualified personnel and technical teams.

Furnace systems designed with up-to-date software are being added to the product range after their static, dynamic, flow and material analyses are done on virtual platforms and by having feedback analyses after the project management processes, the continuity of improvement is being ensured.

Also; our service unit is always by your side with online, explorative, compatibility & security control, spare part, maintenance and education services in order to help you maximize the performance of your equipment and minimize the idle time of processes.

We are continuing to provide solutions to use all resources actively and efficiently to submit proven technologies to our business partners with our team of experts and our will to strengthen heat treatment technology.

Sectors We Work:

– Automotive

– Aviation

– Defense

– Biomedical

– Pattern

– Machine

– Ceramic

– Composite



  • To ensure continuity by prioritizing customer satisfaction and legal requirements throughout the design, manufacturing, installation and training processes that start with an idea.
  • To ensure that our company continues to operate with business ethics and corporate culture around the world.
  • To be a pioneer and value-adding company in the process engineering discipline by exceeding customer expectations.
  • To provide and maintain a structure that attaches importance to continuous development, can design technology through R&D studies, and can compete in domestic and international markets.
  • To establish quality communication with our suppliers, business partners and service network and to be a pioneer in their development.
  • To strive for the development and continuous improvement of the quality management system.
  • To ensure the development of Teknovak Endüstri Fırınları A.Ş. by keeping the return channels of employee opinions and customer satisfaction open.
  • We, who believe in a better tomorrow, will add value to the sector and the company on this path; We will continue our work in a participatory, determined and stable corporate structure.


Robotic controlled heat treatment line for super alloy, titanium and steel materials was manufactured for the aviation industry.
1 ton capacity (AGS-M), bottom loading fully automatic austempering & carburizing line was produced.
New generation mono-block horizontal gas nitriding furnaces exhibited at Therm-process – Dusseldorf – Germany
The new generation mono-block horizontal gas nitriding furnaces began to be mass-produced.
Turkey’s deepest (8.2 meters), vertical gas nitriding & nitrocarburizing and oxidation furnace with ±3 degree precision in heating and cooling was commissioned.
PLC controlled cryogenic cabinet with vacuum insulation and heating (-150 / + 180 ) was commissioned.
5 ton capacity fast cooling new generation Turkey’s largest horizontal gas nitriding furnace commissioned.
1 ton new generation mono-block vacuum horizontal gas nitriding furnace working with plug and play logic was produced.
The first Bell type austempering, hardening, carburizing and carbo-ostempering line with a capacity of 300kg was commissioned.
Aluminum solution and aging furnace for aircraft engines commissioned.
Vacuum nitriding furnace was commissioned.
Vacuum isolated PLC controlled cryogenic cabinet was commissioned.
The first KN controlled post-oxidation gas nitriding furnace was commissioned.
First gas nitriding and post-oxidation system for gas shock absorbers produced.
Heat treatment furnace for injection, extrusion screw and barrel 3.7 meters long.
The QPQ (Tenifer/Tufftride) salt bath system is produced for gas springs.
The first produced Fluidized Bed Furnace Systems; Hardening, Tempering, Nitriding, Annealing and Carburizing.

Core Values

-We Offer Quality and Solution Oriented Service
-We support the professional and social development of the employees.
-We believe in the importance of using all resources effectively and efficiently.
-We strive to protect our cultural history and values in all our relations abroad and to convey this to our stakeholders.

Strategic Priorities

-Strengthening our location in Turkey and in the world
-Expand in Existing and New Markets
-Manufacture and Developing New Systems
-To steadily increase our brand value