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T6 Series Aluminium Heat Treatment Furnace


  • Hiph insulation with ceramic boards and alumino silicate wool,
  • No erosion with hot air circulation on the hardened ceramic boards,
  • Low enerpy storage and heat losses,
  • Special folded and stacked modules,
  • Fiber boards, microporous, papers and blankets for excellent insulation.


  • Stange control unit SE-609 or SE-702,
  • AMS 2750-E compliance to standards,
  • + 3 ”C temperature uniformity.
  • Data recording and monitoring,
  • Ease maintenance.
  • Years of trouble-free operation.


  • Drop bottom furnace,
  • Heated by electricity with thyristor,
  • Uniform heating over work load with fan,
  • Variable speed electric fan motor,
  • Stainless steel quenching tank.
  • Integrated direct cooling & heating system for quenching tank,
  • Polymer or water quenching,
  • Less than 8 seconds quencinp time,
  • Special flow circulation desipn for water or polymer, e Easy changeable filters,
  • Automatic quench tank positioning, e Automatic water level control,
  • No pit required.

Heating Elements

Kanthal AF tubothal or equvalend heating elements for low surface current density.