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DGN Series KN controlled gas nitriding furnaces.

Our furnaces are classified as horizontal or vertical. It is preferred according to the plant conditions and the dimensions and weights of the parts to be treated. In addition, there are different options as automation in these furnaces.

Customized Solutions

Customer requirements about heat treatment applications of critical industries are recelved by our sales team. We deliver customized solutions to any technical and technological demands.

Evaluation & Design

After receiving ypur request we evaluate it carefully to offer you accurate consepting and desingning services. We compose products by checking analytical numerial simulations and by virtualy prototyping to get the customers confirmation.

Project Planning

Planning the manufacturing process of the approved desingn is being realized with the hardwork of the experienced Project team.


Following the palanning, every stage of manufacturing process is held down by our experienced staff with precision.

Installation and Testing

Installation, commissioning and final testing are carried out by our qualified service department.

DGN-10 Technical Specifications


Work space (D x H)

Ø 630 x 1.500 mm


Material of retort

1.4845 (AISI 310S)

Gross weight of load

1.000 kg


Weight approx.

6.500 Kg

Operation temperature

150°C – 650 °C


Remote control system

ECS 2000 (Stange)

Maximum temperature



Process Control System

Stange SE 609

Operation pressure

5 – 24 mbar



Type D

Heating zones



Temperature Uniformity

± 5 °C (Class 2)

Heating Capacity

Max. 75 kW



·  Ammonia vaporizer and filtration unit

·  Ammonia cracker for low Kn

·  Neutralizer

·  Basket

·  Inconel Retort

·  Secomea remote PLC connection module

Operating voltage

400V – 50Hz – 3phases


Control voltage

230V – 50Hz ~/24V


Standard Processes




Optional Processes

·  Nitriding

·  Nitrocarburizing

·  Stress relieving

·  Tempering

·  Post-oxidation

·  Bright Annealing (by ammonia cracker)

Max.  Power

90 kW


Process Gases

Air, N2, NH3, CO2, CO, Water


3 kVA, 220V


Retort Cooling

External air cooling + Internal water cooling (Optional)


DGN-10 Gas and Cooling Water Flow Rate, purity and pressure






N2 (Nitrogen)

≥ 99.999

1.3 – 1,7

3.0 m3/h

CO2 (Carbon-dioxide)

≥ 99.8

1.3 – 1,7

0.3 m3/h



≥ 99.98

1.3 – 1,7

3.0 m3/h

Crack Ammonia

0.3 m3/h



4 - 6

≤ 0.1 m3/h

Cooling water

For sealing

6 - 12°dH

2.5 – 3.5

(on 15 - 20 °C)

1.0 m3 /h

For direct cooling

6 - 9 m3 /h

C3H8 (Propane) or Natural gas

< 0,4 g/Nm3 Sulphur

≥ 95

0.25 – 0.35

0.45 m3/h